8 Best Oscilloscope For Car Audio [Updated in 2022]

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As a music enthusiast, having a good quality audio system in your vehicle is kind of compulsory, right? Yeah, that’s where the topic of oscilloscopes comes in. An oscilloscope is a device that can easily filter out audio noises and provide a crystal clear music playback. And, if you have an oscilloscope in your car, you can enjoy flawless quality music even when you are on the go.

That’s why you need the best oscilloscope for car audios if you’re really serious about music and stuff. However, in order to be able to pick the best oscilloscope for your car audio, you must have a sound idea of the available oscilloscopes on the current market.

And, that’s where we rock. For you, we have provided detailed and honest reviews on 8 of the best oscilloscopes from the current market (as of 2022). Therefore, pay attention to this discussion till the end!!

Why Do You Need an Oscilloscope for Car Audio?

The basic function of a stereo oscilloscope is to provide a visual representation of the variations in sound amplitude in the music (in relation to the time). Simply put, an Oscilloscope can display the change of intensity of sound in a graphical manner. Therefore, you can use this tool to do synthesis and dynamics processing in music. Also, sound engineers use oscilloscopes to reduce external and foreign noises from a certain music track.

And, if you have a large audio system in your car, you would want it to provide a crystal clear audio playback, right? That’s where the Oscilloscope comes in. An Oscilloscope can easily provide you with the capability to set up your gains in the music and tune your music playback according to your will.

Furthermore, as an oscilloscope displays the amplitude of the music sounds through voltage signals on a display, you can easily visualize and understand how intense your car audio system can perform. This way, you can take the best advantage of your car audio system and use it with its full efficiency without losing quality on the music playback.

Benefits of Using Audio Oscilloscope

There are multitudinous benefits of having an audio oscilloscope in your music system. In case you are a music enthusiast, you should have a crystal clear idea of how an oscilloscope can make a difference in your music playback. Therefore, let’s go over the benefits of using an audio  oscilloscope:

  • Perfect noise cancellation: An audio oscilloscope can easily detect and display unnecessary noises in audio recordings. That’s why it is used to produce noiseless music in the music industry.
  • Crystal clear sound production: Since an audio oscilloscope can monitor even the slightest variations in the sound, it can be easily used to produce music tracks without any noise or distortion. As a result, audio oscilloscopes make an excellent tool to produce ultra-clear music.
  • Auto tuning boost up: In the music industry, many artists use auto-tuning softwares to polish their music recordings. And, in the process of auto tune-ups, an audio oscilloscope can massively help by providing all the necessary data from raw music tracks.
  • Powerful recording: Another benefit of using an audio oscilloscope in the realm of music is that it can provide the necessary boost up in the audio volume in a particular recording. For example, if you have a sound recording that has very low sound volume, you can take advantage of an audio oscilloscope to monitor the existing sound volume and increase it according to your needs.
  • Easy audio monitoring: Other than all the benefits we have mentioned above, you can also use an audio oscilloscope to simply monitor a certain soundtrack or audio. This can be useful in music recording, speech recording, video editing, etc.

What Are The Best Oscilloscopes for Car Audio?

In this subsection, we have provided a list of the 8 best oscilloscopes for car audio. Here, take a look at them:

8 Best Oscilloscope for Car Audio Review [ Detailed Analysis]

At this particular point, we will get you acquainted with 8 of the best oscilloscopes for car audio. You might ask,” what are the reasons for recommending these 8 products?”.  Well, we have combed through more than 100 Oscilloscope models and compared all the features they offer. As a result, we came up with the below 8 options as perfect recommendations for you:

Best Oscilloscope For Car Audio

1. Mivofun Mini USB Digital Oscilloscope 5012H – Best Overall

If you want such an oscilloscope device that performs very well from an overall perspective, you should look into the Mivofun Mini USB Digital Oscilloscope . It’s an overall best performer compared to all other available products in the market.
Mivofun Mini USB Digital Oscilloscope 5012H


  • Quick Sampling Speed: One of the key features of this audio oscilloscope is that it provides one of the fastest sampling speeds. Namely, it is equipped with 100 megahertz analog bandwidth and 500 MSa/s of real time rate of sampling.
  • High Value For Money: This device is one of the most prominent value-for-money devices in the current market. It’s because it offers an LCD screen that is just the perfect size for a regular user (2.4 inches with 320×240 resolution). And, It also has 64 MB of storage space that can easily store more than 2, 000 waveform images.
  • Resistance To Burn: This particular oscilloscope is perfectly resistant to extremely high voltages. This means it won’t get burned easily even if a large amount of water hits this machine. To be more specific, it can withstand a peak of 600 volts for a continuous period of time. Therefore, it has a very efficient anti-burn technology.
  • Perfect Form Factor: The size of this handheld oscilloscope is in a very convenient range. And, because it’s very lightweight, it is very comfortable to hold in a hand as well. That’s exactly why this device is perfect for use in a car audio system.
  • Extended Battery Life: In addition to all other features, a good-quality oscilloscope must have long battery life. In this regard, this particular oscilloscope is a very good performer. It’s because it’s equipped with a 3,000 mAh battery that can easily provide up to 8 hours of backup.


  • Dimension of the item: 48 x 4.45 x 1.89 in
  • Weight of the item: 6 oz
  • Number of channels supported: 1
  • LCD screen size: 4 in
  • Display resolution: 320×240
  • Display Type: TFT
  • Bandwidth value: 100 megahertz
  • Rate of sampling: 500 ms/s
  • Storage depth: 128 kB
  • Sensitivity value: 50 mV to 200 V
  • Trigger modes: single, normal, or auto
  • Maximum test voltage: 800 volts
  • Storage of waveform: up to 2000 waves
  • Battery capacity: 3,000 milliampere-hour lithium
  • Battery backup: 8 hours
  • Charging voltage: 5 volts
What We Like
  • Thanks to the super sharp LCD display, this oscilloscope is just perfect for beginners to use
  • It can be used on a wide range of applications such as electronic, automotive repair, research, etc
  • It’s a highly cost effective choice
  • Has a huge waveform storage facility
  • Thanks to the large battery, it’s able to long-performances at a time
What should improve
  • This device can get damaged if it accidentally falls from hand

Customer Reviews and Scores

This oscilloscope has a ton of good ratings on its Amazon page. Namely, the average rating for this device is 4.5 out of 5. That means a lot of people have recommended this product as a highly rated device.

Why is it recommended?

Although this oscilloscope is a handheld device, it works quite perfectly, on par with all other models of oscilloscope in the current market. Therefore, if you want to use this oscilloscope for your car audio system, it’s surely going to be a good match for you. So, go ahead and buy it ASAP!!

2. Siglent Technologies SDS1202X-E 200 mhz Digital Oscilloscope- Best Premium Oscilloscope

In case you are not a budget-restricted consumer, you should go for a premium oscilloscope that does its job with the utmost precision. Yes, we’re talking about the Siglent Technologies SDS1202X-E .
Siglent Technologies SDS1202X-E 200 mhz Digital Oscilloscope


  • Vibrantly Accurate Display: because this oscilloscope is equipped with a 7-in TFT LCD display, it is easily able to display waveform pictures in the most precise manner. Namely, its 800 X 480 resolution display is able to perfectly visualize even the tiniest change in voltages.
  • Extremely High Sample Rate: This specific oscilloscope is one of the best devices in the current market because it can operate with a huge sample rate of 200 megahertz. Not only that, but it also works in 2 channels.
  • High Rate Of Waveform Visualization: You’d be amazed to know that this oscilloscope can capture and display up to 100000 waveforms per second in NORMAL mode. And, in the SEQUENCE mode, it can easily capture up to 400,000 waveforms per second. This means this device is a perfect performer for top-notch engineering jobs.
  • Highly Sensitive Voltage Detection: The voltage detection capability of this particular device is phenomenal. To be more specific, it can easily capture low voltages such as up to 500 microvolts. Also, it can easily detect high voltages up to 10 volts.
  • Error Free Calculation: One of the best things about this oscilloscope is that it has a Gate and Zoom measurement feature. As a result, you can easily identify an arbitrary interval in the waveforms and avoid unforeseen errors in the measurements.


  • Dimension of the item: 10x15x17 in
  • Weight of the item: 5 lb
  • Manufacturing country: China
  • Bandwidth range: up to 100 megahertz
  • Channel of operation: 4
  • Simply Rate: 1 GSa/second
  • Trigger modes: edge, slope, pulse, width, runt Interval, dropout, etc
  • Capture rate: up to 400,000 waveforms per second
What We Like
  • Because this device only weighs about 5 lb, it’s easily portable
  • Thanks to the extremely high sampling rate, it is suitable for industrial use as well
  • Extreme anti-burn capability is provided by the manufacturer
  • Super sharp LCD display provides a highly rich user experience
What Should Improve
  • Cannot be used as a handheld device

Customer Reviews and Scores

Due to the high popularity of this device among its consumers, this oscilloscope has got 4.5-star ratings out of 5 on its Amazon page.

Why is it recommended?

Although this device comes in a premium price section, it offers all the features that you would expect from the best oscilloscopes for car audio. Therefore, if you have a high-performance audio system in your car, you should pair that up with this oscilloscope right now.

3. AUKUYEE Updated 2.4″ TFT Digital Oscilloscope Kit – Best Low Budget

Even if you are a bit restricted in terms of budget, you should not worry much. It’s because we have bought you the AUKUYEE Updated 2.4″ TFT Digital Oscilloscope Kit. It’s a cheap handheld audio oscilloscope that comes in the budget-friendly price segment. So, let’s learn more about it.
AUKUYEE Updated 2.4


  • Highly Sensitive: One of the best aspects of this device is that, even though it’s very cheap, it is highly sensitive. Namely, it can detect voltage anomalies as low as up to 5 mV. And, it can also detect voltage levels up to 20 volts.
  • Extended Capability In Measurement: Because this audio oscilloscope comes in 3 trigger modes, it can easily capture waveforms with the highest precision in all situations. To be more specific, it has an Auto,  Normal and Single mode. This means using all 3 modes, you can use this device for all types of engineering tasks.
  • Extremely Portable: The form factor of this device is one of its major positive points. As this device comes in a 102x 75.1x 22.5 mm dimension, it is a perfect hand-held device. Therefore, if you want to, you can use this device anywhere and take it anywhere with you.
  • Comes In Full Kit: If you buy this audio oscilloscope, you won’t have to buy any other accessories with it. It’s because it comes with its own power adapter and BNC signal input connector. So, once you have this device in your hand, you can start using it straight away.
  • Optimum Display Sharpness: As it’s a 100 g hand handheld device, it comes with a 2.4-inch TFT LCD display that can show waveform pictures in color forms in 320 x 240-pixel resolution. That means, although it’s small, monitoring signals with this oscilloscope is a convenient experience.


  • Dimension of the package:44 x 3.94 x 1.5 in
  • Weight of the item:9 oz
  • Name of the manufacturer: AUKUYEE
  • Voltage sensitivity: 5 mV to 12 V
  • Maximum sampling rate: 1 MSa/s
  • Range of sensitivity: 1 mV/div to 20 V/div
  • Maximum voltage input: 50 Vpk
  • Length of recording: 1024 bits
  • Range of time base: 500s/div to 10us/Div
  • Voltage of power adapter: 9 volts DC
What We Like
  • As this device comes fully assembled, there’s no need for any additional installation
  • Thanks to the ROTARY ENCODER in this audio oscilloscope, adjustment of parameters can be done in the quickest time
  • As it’s built with premium plastic, the body construction is durable enough to last for years
  • Although it’s a portable device, its sensitivity range is pretty satisfactory
What Should Improve
  • It’s not suited for industrial jobs

Customer Reviews and Scores

You’d be glad to know that this device has got lots of positive reviews on Amazon. That’s why it’s got an average of 4 out of 5 stars rating.

Why is it recommended?

Although this device is an affordable oscilloscope for everyone ( because it’s cheap), it covers all the necessary features that you would expect from the best oscilloscopes for car audios. Therefore, we wholeheartedly recommend that you try out this device right now!

4. Siglent SDS1104X-E 100Mhz digital oscilloscope – Best For Industrial Jobs

For industrial engineers, having an industrial-grade oscilloscope is compulsory. It’s because, for industrial environments, over-the-counter oscilloscopes don’t really hold up that well. That’s why we have decided to recommend to you the Siglent SDS1104X-E 100Mhz digital oscilloscope.
Siglent SDS1104X-E 100Mhz digital oscilloscope


  • Extremely High Waveform Capture Rate: The most important aspect of an oscilloscope is its waveform capturing rate. In this aspect, this particular oscilloscope is a champion. It’s because it can capture waveforms at a speed of up to 100,000 wfm/s in its NORMAL mode. Also, in the sequence mode, it can reach up to 400,000 wfm/s.
  • Extremely Efficient Noise Cancellation: The disturbance of background noise is the main obstacle in the job of attenuating voltage spikes. And, that’s why having the capability of automatically reducing background noise is a great feat. In this aspect, this specific oscilloscope is a good performer as well. It’s because it can easily detect voltages of as low as 500 microvolts and as high as 10 volts.
  • Vibrant Display: In addition to all other features, this oscilloscope is a premium tool in terms of display quality too. It’s because it’s paired up with a large 7-in TFT LCD colorful display with 800X480 pixel resolution.
  • High Sampling Rate And Wide Range Of Frequency Detection: As this device works in 100 megahertz to 200 megahertz frequency, it is a perfect machine to be taken advantage of in an industrial environment. Also, it comes with a high sampling rate of 1 GSa/s. Cool, right?


  • Dimension of the item: 10x17x15 in
  • Weight of the item: 61 lb
  • Manufacturer’s name: Siglent Technologies
  • Manufacturing country: China
  • Number of channels of operation: 4
  • Real-time rate of sampling: 1GSa/s
  • Depth of memory: 7 Mpts/CH
  • Display size: 7 in
  • Display resolution: 800×480
What We Like
  • Thanks to the large 7-in display, this Oscilloscope is a perfect tool for large workplaces
  • Because it’s got perfect noise cancellation mechanism, using it is a pleasing experience
  • This oscilloscope can be controlled through Wi-Fi. So, it’s a very convenient device
  • Thanks to that Gate and Zoom measurement feature, data analysis is pretty easy with this device
What Should Improve
  • The pricing might be a bit too high

Customer Reviews And Scores

Among all other positive sides, a northworthy aspect of this device is that it’s got an average of 4.8 stars out of 5 as ratings from its consumers. Pretty good, right?

Why is it recommended?

Because this device is a really expensive one, it’s not suited for personal use. However, if you want an oscilloscope for your workplace, this is the one you should choose.

5. Rigol DS1054Z Digital Oscilloscopes – Best Color Graded Display

In case you want an oscilloscope that can display a waveform in the most precise picture format, you should check out the Rigol DS1054Z Digital Oscilloscopes. It’s a perfect choice for those who want a vibrant display in their oscilloscope.
Rigol DS1054Z Digital Oscilloscopes


  • Multiple Analog Bandwidth Channel: One of the most noteworthy features of this oscilloscope is that it can work in 3 bandwidths: 100 megahertz, 70 megahertz, and 50 megahertz. Therefore, using this oscilloscope is a worthwhile experience.
  • Extended Number Of Digital Channels: You would be surprised to know that this oscilloscope can work in a whopping total of 16 digital channels. As a result, it’s very proficient in its job.
  • High Capturing Rate: As you may well know, the capturing rate for waveform pictures is the main feature of an oscilloscope. And, in this respect, this specific oscilloscope is a very good performer. It’s because it can easily capture up to 30,000 Wfms/s.
  • Efficient Noise Cancellation Mechanism: As this device is capable of detecting voltage spikes as low as 1 mV/div to 10V/div, it works like a charm (in noise cancellation). Therefore, it’s a very convenient device to use for engineers.
  • High Storage Depth: Along with all other things, the storage depth of an oscilloscope is also important. And, that’s why the manufacturer of this specific oscilloscope has provided 24 MPTS memory depth in it. As a result, it is able to tap into the details of all types of signals.


  • Dimension of the item: 13x7x5 in
  • Weight of the item: 6 lb
  • Signal mode: real-time sampling
  • Input coupling: DC, AC and GND
  • Highest record length: 24 MPTS
  • Scale of timebase: 5ns/div to 50s/div
  • Bandwidth limit: 20 megahertz
What We Like
  • As this device is paired up with a 7-in TFT LCD colorful display, it can provide vibrant waveform pictures
  • Because it’s only 6.6 lb heavy, it’s easily portable as well
  • This oscilloscope can record real time waveforms in 60, 000 frames. So, it’s the best suited tool to store and capture waveform pictures
  • Thanks to the high sampling rate of 1 GSa/s, this oscilloscope fully suited for an industrial environment
What Should Improve
  • Although this is telescope covers all necessary features, it’s still a bit too expensive

Customer Reviews and Scores

You would be highly satisfied to know that this particular oscilloscope has a whopping average of 4.8-star ratings out of 5. So, it’s safe to say that this is a trustworthy device.

Why is it recommended?

Because this particular oscilloscope has a very sharp and vibrant display, it makes the job easy for the technician. That’s why, in case you are a professional who has to work with oscilloscopes all the time, this is the perfect choice for you. So, go ahead and check out its current price now!

6. Hantek DSO5072P Digital Oscilloscope –  High Value For Money

At this point, we would like to introduce you to a high value for money product that comes in a moderate price section. But, this oscilloscope device perfectly covers all the features that one would need. It’s the Hantek DSO5072P Digital Oscilloscope.
Hantek DSO5072P Digital Oscilloscope


  • Perfect Form Factor: As this device is only 14.96 x 7.86 x 11.02 inches in size, it is a perfectly portable device. On top of that, it’s only 2.87 lb in weight. This means it’s very easy to carry as well.
  • Multiple Bandwidth Mode: A noteworthy feature of this machine is that it has multiple bandwidth modes to perform in. To be more specific, this oscilloscope works in 200, 100, and 70 megahertz bandwidth. So, it’s perfectly suited for all types of technical jobs.
  • Convenient USB Host Connectivity: Because this oscilloscope has multiple USB ports to connect external devices, it is easily compatible with all computer models. As a result, this device is very convenient to use in unison with other gadgets as well.
  • High Sampling Rate: This oscilloscope has a real-time sampling rate of 1 GSa/s. Thanks to the high sampling rate, this machine is fully suitable for all types of high-tier jobs.
  • Comes With Native Software: In order to fully synchronize the feeds of this machine to your computer, the manufacturer provides dedicated native software for this oscilloscope. So, it is very easy for you to work with this device.


  • Dimension of the item: 96 x 7.86 x 11.02 in
  • Weight of the item: 87 lb
  • Bandwidth range: 200 / 100 / 70 megahertz
  • Sampling rate: 1 GSa/s
  • Recording length: up to 40k
  • Mode of trigger: edge, pulse, width, line, video, slop, overtime, etc
  • Number of channels: 2
  • Memory depth: 40k
  • Accuracy of timebase: +/-50 ppm
  • Display size: 7 in TFT 16 color LCD
  • Display resolution: 800 X 480 pixels
What We Like
  • Thanks to the USB plugs, attaching this device to a PC is very convenient
  • Using the AUTOMATIC MEASUREMENT mode, this oscilloscope can smartly conduct analysis and measurements on its own
  • As this device is only 2.86 lb in weight, it’s easily portable
  • This oscilloscope has a recording length of up to 40k. So, it can easily pull off long data analysis and visualization tasks in no time.
What Should Improve
  • Because this machine is AC powered, it can’t run on a battery

Customer Reviews And Scores

Among all other positive sides of this device, a fact worth mentioning is that it’s got a 4.6 rating out of 5 on Amazon (on average). So, it’s clear that this device is a good pick.

Why Is It Recommended?

If you don’t want to spend too much time evaluating multiple oscilloscopes, you can easily choose this product because it comes in a moderate price section. And, it also covers all the necessary features. Therefore, you should go ahead and buy it right now!

7. Analog Discovery 2: 100MS/s USB Oscilloscope – Best Ultraportable Oscilloscope

Right now, we’ll get you acquainted with such an oscilloscope that is a fully portable handheld device. We’re talking about the Analog Discovery 2. Let’s get to know this amazing device in closer detail:
Analog Discovery 2: 100MS/s USB Oscilloscope


  • Fully Compatible With All Operating Systems: Because this device is a portable oscilloscope, it needs to be connected to a computer in order to display its waveform pictures. And, it’s very easy to set up this device with a PC because it’s compatible with all operating systems including Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Multiple Modes Performance: Although this device is a perfect oscilloscope and waveform generator, it also can be taken advantage of as a protocol analyzer, pattern generator, impedance analyzer, network analyzer, spectrum analyzer, and logic analyzer.
  • Perfect Audio Amplifier: This oscilloscope is also a perfect device to amplify the audio of a sound system. For instance, if you want to amplify your music and have it fed to the speakers, this is the tool that you need to use.
  • Perfect Form Factor: This device comes in a 7x6x2 inches dimension, it has the perfect form factor of a pocket oscilloscope. Also, it only weighs about 8.47 oz. Therefore, it’s very comfortable to carry around.
  • Compatible With Third-Party Software: Not only is this device perfectly compatible with all the operating systems, but it’s also fully operational with third-party software such as MATLAB and LabVIEW. As a result, using this oscilloscope is a piece of cake, even for a newbie.


  • Dimension of the item: 7 x 6 x 2 inches
  • Weight of the item: 47 oz
  • Name of the manufacturer: Digilent
  • Number of analog inputs: 2
  • Number of analog outputs: 2
  • Compatibility of external headphones: yes
  • Availability of programmable power Supplies: yes
  • Protocol analyzer: SPI, I2C, CAN, UART
  • Compatible third party softwares: MATLAB, LabVIEW, etc
what we like
  • since this oscilloscope is comfortable with all types of computers, it is a highly portable device
  • because it doesn’t have an integrated display, You can technically use monitors of any size as a display for this device
  • because of the small form factor, this device is perfect for car audio systems
  • You could connect multiple speakers and headphones to this audio oscilloscope
What should improve
  • Considering it’s in a handheld device, the price is a bit too high

Customer Reviews and Scores

The average rating for this oscilloscope on Amazon (from its consumers) is exactly 4.5 out of 5. So, you can trust this device without any worry.

Why Is It Recommended?

This particular oscilloscope is the perfect tool to use in a car audio system. Therefore, if you are a music enthusiast, this is the device you should immediately buy.

8. Siglent Technologies SDS1102CML+ Digital Storage Oscilloscope – Best User-Friendly Oscilloscope

If you are new to oscilloscopes, you must require such a device that is easy to use for a beginner. And, that’s why we have decided to introduce you to the Siglent Technologies SDS1102CML.
Siglent Technologies SDS1102CML+ Digital Storage Oscilloscope


  • Large Display: In order to make this device extremely easy to use for the new users, the manufacturer has provided a massive 7-inch colorful TFT LCD display. The specialty of this display is that it can clearly visualize waveform pictures with the utmost.
  • Multiple Trigger Types: As this device comes with multiple trigger types such as Edge, Pulse, Video, Slope, Alternative, it’s very handy to use in all types of work environments.
  • Large Bandwidth Range: Among all other features, a noteworthy aspect of this oscilloscope is that it has a wide range of operable bandwidths. Namely, it’s capable of working between 50 megahertz to 150 megahertz bandwidth.
  • High Sampling Rate With Extreme Memory Depth: The sampling rate is the key aspect of all the oscilloscope models. This particular device provides satisfactory features in this aspect. To be more specific, it’s able to provide a sampling rate between 500 MSa/s to 1 GSa/s.
  • High Precision Counter: Because this oscilloscope has a frequency counter that can accommodate up to 6 digits, its real-time counting performance is very satisfactory. That’s why this machine is extremely useful for newbies in the realm of oscilloscopes.


  • Dimension of the item: 17x10x15 in
  • Weight of the item: 49 lb
  • Manufacturing country: China
  • Manufacturer’s name: Siglent Technologies CO., LTD
  • Zoom function availability: yes
  • Pass/fail function availability: Yes
  • Modes of auto measurement: 32
  • Number of display parameters: 5
  • USB interface availability: yes
  • Bandwidth range: 50 megahertz to 150 mhz
  • Sampling rate: 500 MSa/a to 1GSa/s
What We Like
  • Thanks to the lightweight construction, this machine is easily portable
  • As this oscilloscope is highly capable, it is suitable for many applications such as education, training, quality control, industrial measurement, instantaneous signal inspection, electrical circuit test, etc.
  • Because of the USB interfaces, it is perfectly compatible to be connected with personal computers
  • This device is a digital oscilloscope. That’s why it provides precise analyzes and measurements
What Should Improve
  • No warranty has been provided by the manufacturer

Customer Reviews And Scores

To add the cherry on top, this device has got an average of 4.6 stars out of 5 by its consumers. Therefore, you won’t make a mistake if you pick this as your audio analysis tool.

Why Is It Recommended?

As the last item in our recommended list, this specific oscilloscope covers all the necessary features that a new user would need. However, this oscilloscope is also perfectly suitable for experts as well. That’s why we wholeheartedly recommend that you try it out right now!

What To Consider When Buying The Best Oscilloscope for Car Audio [ Buying Guide]

Since there are hundreds of models of audio oscilloscopes in the market, you might get baffled when you are setting out to buy one. That’s why we are here to help you out. In this section, we will tell you about what things you have to look out for before buying the best oscilloscope for your car audio.

What To Consider When Buying The Best Oscilloscope for Car Audio

Don’t worry, you don’t have to put too much effort in order to find a high-quality product. All you have to do is thoroughly read this guide till the finish line:

Analog Or Digital?

In the manufacturing industry of oscilloscopes, 2 types of audio oscilloscopes are prevalent. Analog and Digital. While old-fashioned engineers use analog audio oscilloscopes, modern sound engineers always like to take advantage of digital ones.

And, our recommendation also resides with the digital option. If you buy a digital audio Oscilloscope (rather than an analog one), you can rest assured that your audio oscilloscope will have the following benefits:

  • Extremely portable
  • Compact in size
  • Will have a higher range of bandwidth
  • Will have vibrantly colorful displays
  • It May have the simplest user interface
  • Will support software modification
  • Storage of numerous reports and instant printing

Therefore, if you want to be proficient in your duty as a sound engineer (or a sound technician), you should go for a digital audio oscilloscope.

The Range Of Bandwidth

When buying an audio oscilloscope for your car, the bandwidth range is the first and foremost criteria that you have to pay attention to. The bandwidth range indicates how high and low limits the sound volume the audio oscilloscope system can work with.

Not only that, the bandwidth range defines the maximum frequency of sound levels your oscilloscope will be able to measure and calculate. That’s why you always have to choose an audio oscilloscope that has a higher max frequency bandwidth than the audio frequency you want to test and modify.

For example, if you are working with 1500 megahertz sounds, you must have an audio oscilloscope that can support a higher magnitude of frequency than 1500 megahertz.

The Sampling Rate

After the bandwidth range, the next most important aspect of an audio oscilloscope is its sampling rate. Monitoring the sampling rate is a great way to detect and modify the nuances in the music and audio.

As the sampling rate is calculated in mega samples per second (MSps), you should check whether your oscilloscope has the capability of displaying sampling rates.

Also, you need to make sure if the oscilloscope you’re choosing has the right sampling rate that you want or not. While some oscilloscopes will have single-channel mode, others can have dual channel sampling modes. Depending on your needs, you must be decisive here to pick an option according to your needs.

Memory Depth Of An Audio Oscilloscope

Although many people don’t have a clear idea about the memory depth of audio oscilloscopes, it is mandatory to have a comprehensive idea on this topic (if you want to pick a good quality oscilloscope for yourself).

The memory depth is the buffer memory that stores the signals that are produced by audio inputs. The memory depth also indicates how long an audio oscilloscope can capture and show audio signals.

That means, if you have a higher memory depth, you’ll have fewer disturbances in monitoring and modifying long audios. That’s why our recommendation is that you choose an audio oscilloscope that has the highest memory depth.

The Resolution Of The Audio Oscilloscope (And Accuracy)

You have to understand that, in the realm of sound engineering, even 0.1% distortion in the soundtrack can cause disastrous effects. For example, if you have even 0.1% noise in your recorded songs, this effect will disturb the listeners.

As a result, the production of music can be really harmed by audio distortions. And, in order to prevent audio distortions, you’ll have to use audio oscilloscopes. Now, if the resolution of your audio oscilloscope is not high enough, it won’t be able to detect the most subtle noises in an audio.

For instance, most audio oscilloscopes in the current market will have 8-bit resolution . However, if you have a 12 or 16 bit resolution in your audio oscilloscope, you’ll have higher capability of monitoring audio with even higher precision. That’s why we recommend going for a high resolution audio oscilloscope.

The Form Factor ( Size And Shape)

As an audio oscilloscope is an electronic device, it has a certain weight and shape that can either be handy to carry or be a dead weight. That’s why you need to choose a perfectly sized audio oscilloscope for your car( that is both lightweight and highly capable).

Now, for your information, audio oscilloscopes come in 3 types of form factors: Bench-top, Handheld, and Computer-based. Among these 3 types, we recommend going for a digital handheld audio oscilloscope.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to buy a used oscilloscope?

Ans. Yes, it’s perfectly fine to buy a second-hand oscilloscope if you know how to test and check all the needed parameters of an audio oscilloscope. Simply put, the risk of buying a second-hand oscilloscope completely depends on your expertise.

For instance, if you know the ins and outs of audio oscilloscopes and are able to check the second-hand oscilloscope thoroughly before the purchase, it is safe for you to buy a used oscilloscope. On the other hand, if you don’t have that kind of expertise, we recommend going for a new one.

Who invented the oscilloscope?

Ans. The invention of oscilloscopes was not the endeavor of a single man. The Oscilloscope was created from a cathode ray tube.

To be more specific, an engineer by the name of Ferdinand Braun developed a cathode ray oscilloscope in 1897 for the first time. However, the development of cathode ray tubes was an endeavor backed by many other scientists from the 1800s.

Can I increase the memory capacity of oscilloscopes?

Ans. Unfortunately, you cannot modify or change the memory capacity of an oscilloscope. As the Oscilloscope is an intricate piece of electronic machinery, it is not safe for general people to tinker with it.

That’s why it is practically impossible for you to increase the memory capacity of oscilloscopes (unless the manufacturer gives the option to do so).

When can oscilloscopes be used?

Ans. Oscilloscopes can be used in many situations. For instance, you can use an oscilloscope to test and measure electrical signals and debug electrical circuits. Also, you can use oscilloscopes to monitor the variations of energy in many forms such as sound, wind, light, etc.

Can I change the resolution of the formed image on an oscilloscope?

Ans. An Audio oscilloscope takes in the sound from its surroundings and converts it into electrical voltages. As a result, any variance in the sound input manifests itself on the display as graphical spikes.

Now, if you have a highly modern model of digital oscilloscope, you will be able to change the resolution of the graphical images produced by the oscilloscope. But, in most old oscilloscope models, you won’t be able to do that.


Now that we have delivered all the needed information to you, our discussion here has come to an end. By now, you should have a sound idea of how the best oscilloscope for car audios will be.

However, if you still don’t have a clear option to pick, you can just choose the Mivofun Mini USB Digital Oscilloscope. It’s an overall best performer in the realm of oscilloscopes. Or, if you want to go for the premium option, you can pick the Siglent Technologies Digital Oscilloscope. It provides all the features in a premium price section.

Finally, I would like to tell you that, no matter which product you pick from our recommended list, you’re sure to get the best value for your money. We can guarantee that. See you again!

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